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Stefan Didak


No... I do not work at NASA. This is Home Office "v5.1", versioned after the number of major changes over the years. The v6.0 Home Office will take shape in Oct. 2008 where it will be expanded with a lot of new systems... and, yes, MORE screens and BIGGER ones :-)

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Stefan Didak said:

Tell me, Marty, do you often publicize your private and projected insecurities? :-)

Marty said:

So like... is this pretty much the substitute you have for a warm body in bed next to you? I think my interest in sex would wane if I had this.

the baldchemist said:

So what are you producing with all this stuff?. The column next to this is blank!!!
Its like having a house full of beautiful women and not being able to get ahard on.
But have a wondeful Christmas and New Year. Just get as much joy as you can every day. The Baldchemist

Stefan Didak said:

Unfortunately, Darkmyer, I must admit that I hardly play any computers games at all. I guess I prefer my entertainment and leisure to not include sitting at computers and screens. :-)

Darkmyer said:

Please, tell me you play at least one mmorpg (ie. World of Warcraft, Everquest) and are constantly pwning noobs in Counterstrike or Call of Duty. Please, tell me this beautiful altar to digital goodness is used for more than milling labour.

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