WHEREWEDOWHATWEDO is a community-built visual database of the spaces in which we spend our days, nights or both doing whatever it is we do.

WHEREWEDOWHATWEDO is a place to share pictures of beautiful offices and awesome workspaces. You might call it a web 2.0 website that shows people's well designed offices, modern office furniture, clean or messy desks, and cool business gadgets. We call it awesome.

Get decorating ideas for your workplace to make it the coolest office on the block. Learn what not to do when designing your workspace. Show off your new iphone, macbook, blik wall graphics, modern ikea desk, HD monitor, office chair from Design Within Reach, or other gadget that makes your space yours.

You might even show your 4by6.com prints, your cards from moo.com, or how you built websites with Cushy CMS. Whatever makes you happy.

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